Establish a relationship between new consumers and the brand, and strengthen the relationship with the most loyal customers, both online and offline.

What we did:

During Design Week 2020, at the pop-up store,we used VINHOOD’s sensory approach to allow consumer to choose the brand of coffee from the catalogue that was most compatible with their taste preferences and with what we call their taste identity.

We designed the experience of the consumers who visited the pop-up store to be new and unique at all times via every channel, both physical and digital.

At the pop-up store:

  • Through the Taste ID.Test, VH’s iconic solution, available on tablets and mobile devices, consumers discover their taste identity, identified by simple characters, in order to explore their taste and their consumption preferences while having fun.
  • The choice of which capsule to purchase is guided by “characters”: every consumer sees the recommended products which are most compatible with their preferences.

Online at

  • The Taste ID.Test has been integrated in the website’s existing interface to help guide users in the choice of their ideal blend, focusing on their personal taste and deepening their knowledge about various aspects of the “coffee world” in an entertaining way.
  • For a more loyal and expert audience, a more thorough test is offered, which also educates users about the organoleptic characteristics of coffee as a product.

Learn more about our specific solution: Taste ID.Test