About us:

We’ve created a unique sensory approach that combines science and behavioral analysis: we study people’s taste through their perceptions and emotions, to understand what guides them and what satisfies them.

We help consumers choose the products most suitable to them and explore the world of taste in a way that’s simple and entertaining, and therefore effective and easy for them to remember.

We help companies, retailers, and producers create the best products and promote them on the market, in order to acquire clients and build unique relationships through successful strategies based on their clients’ taste preferences.

Our data analysis algorithms, marketing solutions, and proprietary technology, successfully used by hundreds of companies, make our services one of a kind.

All this thanks to having used our scientific method of analysis on more than 1.5 million people in 35 countries, to date.

Our strengths are:


We help you personalize products and services, as well as marketing and communications initiatives in the world of taste, according to the preferences of each individual consumer.

Because we’ve studied the tastes of over 1.5 million consumers and conduct thousands of new tests every month in new product categories.

So we’re very familiar with consumers and know how to help you build new relationships with them, in order to attract and stimulate brand loyalty in more and more customers.

Technological Reliability

Artificial intelligence perfects our product recommendations to achieve 90% accuracy in determining the taste identity of each person.


We offer outstanding technological and retail solutions, ready to be installed as Plug & Play or entirely customized to existing architecture, in accordance with your needs.


We’ve created an engaging language that integrates with your brand’s tone of voice and allows consumers to explore their taste and choose your products, while having fun. This makes every engagement initiative, marketing campaign, or communications activity that you’ll decide to work on with us unique and effective.

Our Team

Our Made-in-Italy heart has an international spirit.

We are a blend of cultures, experiences, and stories. A heterogeneous team, founded on the concepts of diversity and mutual trust.

The skills of each member coexist with those of the others, resulting is an infinitely multi-faceted environment.

People from 11 different nationalities have already been part of our family and we are continuously growing, benefitting from the curiosity, openness, inclusiveness and authenticity that makes up the personality of each and every member of our family.

What They’re Saying About Us

The numbers are on VINHOOD’s side: when consumers make informed decisions, stronger relationships are created.

VINHOOD bridges the gap between people and products.

We build a bridge between people and the world of taste by bringing together science and communication.