About Us

We’ve created a unique sensory approach that combines science and behavioral analysis: we study people’s taste through their perceptions and emotions, to understand what guides them and what satisfies them.

We help consumers choose the products most suitable to them and explore the world of taste in a way that’s simple and entertaining, and therefore effective and easy for them to remember.

We help companies, retailers, and producers create the best products and promote them on the market, in order to acquire clients and build unique relationships through successful strategies based on their clients’ taste preferences.

Our data analysis algorithms, marketing solutions, and proprietary technology, successfully used by hundreds of companies, make our services one of a kind.

All this thanks to having used our scientific method of analysis on more than 1.5 million people in 35 countries, to date.

How We can help you!

We know your clients’ consumption preferences and can create a detailed food and beverage profile of consumers.

Follow us and we’ll help you to successfully create what we believe in: a new and closer relationship with numerous clients who are loyal to your brand, based on taste and fun.

To support conscious consumption as a tool for feeling good and doing good.

Are you a Brand?

We can help you to:

  • get to know your market and your clients from a new perspective in order to support all of your relationship management and growth strategies.

  • manage the entire life cycle of the product: from conception to research and development to market launch, all customized to your clients’ tastes.

  • acquire new clients and develop your business, implementing marketing and communications strategies that are optimized for improving lead generation and customer conversion in both digital and physical stores.

  • build or develop your ideal CRM program, in order to increase the loyalty of clients that you’ve already acquired.

Are you a Retailer?

We can help you to:

  • understand your clients’ purchase behavior and the market trends from a new perspective, to create a personalized and effective shopping experience.

  • efficiently manage your relationship with each customer, from acquisition to customer conversion, all the way to customer loyalty, through personalized marketing and communications strategies.

  • support your business’s growth strategies as well as those for acquiring new clients, activating ultra-customized and optimized lead generation and customer conversion strategies in both your digital and physical stores.

  • build or develop your ideal CRM program in order to increase the loyalty of clients that you’ve already acquired.

Our Success Stories


Strengthening the relationship between the client and the store via all commercial channels, both online and offline, through the wine selection.


A new company-consumer relationship, strengthening the connection with the most loyal clients, both online and offline.


Enhancing the customer experience in the Chicago store, taking advantage of people’s passion for food and Made in Italy products.

Birrificio Angelo Poretti

Stimulation of consumer interest and understanding through a solution that combines technology, research, and gamification.

Our Clients

Do you want to live all this?

We’re ready to lead you and your co-workers or clients on a taste exploration, making sure everyone has fun and creating a collaborative atmosphere.

Would you like to organize an event for your company or for a client?

Find the solution that’s right for you.

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