What We believe

Our mission is to bring innovation to the Food & Beverage sector, applying the logic and methodology of sensory analysis and other food sciences in a new and unique way, in order to create a sensory profile of consumers’ taste preferences.

We start by exalting the unique preferences of every consumer, helping them to appreciate their many nuances, starting with those products which they feel are most similar to their taste. We’re certain that, in much the same way as a specific cultural identity exists for each person, so exists a taste identity when it comes to food. Discovering, studying, and predicting it helps consumers to make knowledgeable choices, and companies and retailers to most effectively position their selection of brands and products.

Our sensory approach

1 – Qualitative Stage

Strong academic skills, a team made up of sensory analysis and food experts, and a methodology that’s both human and scientific: these elements serve as our qualitative introduction to the sensory world.

This first stage studies the uses, habits, and trends within the F&B industry of a specific culture or country in order to formulate a series of hypotheses that are tested out in the subsequent stage.

2 – Quantitative Stage

This stage is characterized by the collection and subsequent analysis of more specific and detailed information, from which characteristic fragrances and tastes emerge, as do the trends that differentiate consumers according to their specific country.
This data is integrated with the initial hypotheses and the taste test is reworked and perfected in order to be able to receive data from the market.

3 – Implementation Stage

The ongoing and constant collection of information regarding the consumers who take our test and choose the products that we’ve suggested, makes it possible for us to continuously improve our solutions’ performance, developing efficient CRM strategies that create long-term loyal customers.

To date, more than 1.5 million tests, conducted in more than 38 countries, have provided the following results:

85% of clients satisfied with the provided product recommendations
5% increase in sales
5% increase in NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The taste characters

Loving wine, beer, bread, or any other product is easy.

Yet often, the language used to describe it can prove complicated and impossible to understand.

It’s the language of producers, not consumers.

This is why we’ve introduced a new system for categorizing products of a growing number of categories.

Based on their identity, which eliminates the complexities of the traditional language used and addresses consumers directly: it’s the categorization of taste according to Characters.

The Characters represent feelings, preferences, and the ideal moments for consumption. These are connected to a certain product and used to identify one’s taste personality.

We want people to once again have the words with which to talk about products, describe them, and taste them, even once they’re finished.

We have just one mantra when we talk about the Characters: “Be cool.”

The Wine #Characters

A much-loved and venerated product that dates back millennia, which accompanies us in our most special moments, eliciting soft and sweet sensations, as well as fresh and pungent ones.

The Beer #Characters

The friend that has never abandoned us in our happiest and most carefree moments. A product of the tender union between the unmistakable aroma of yeast, the pleasant bitterness of hops, and the sweet flavor of malt!

The Coffee #Characters

If it weren’t for the coffee berry, there’d be no coffee break. Ripened, dried, and roasted for a trifecta of bitter, sweet, and acidic sensations. The most famous is espresso, Italy’s quintessential coffee. But Americans prefer it more diluted. Then there’s Arabica, Robusta, Liberica…

The Bread #Characters

The French baguette is definitely one of the most popular and venerated variations, but bread has a wide variety of flavors and consistencies which are the product of the most revolutionary combination of ingredients ever: water, flour, and yeast. A sandwich is without a doubt the perfect solution for a quick and nutritious meal. And then there’s the variety.

The Digestif #Characters

The perfect conclusion to any meal and a cuddle for a special moment. It warms your heart like a true friend.

The Tea #Characters

The most consumed drink in the world after water. Famous for the 5pm break, irresistible at any time of the day.

Our unparalleled Taste Test is simple and unique:

  • already used in more than 35 countries

  • tailored to local tastes and food preferences

  • developed in collaboration with teams of culinary, sensory, and neuroscience experts, tested with universities and research centers, and used by more than 1 million people around the world

  • based on ML logic in order to offer a set of questions that are suitable to each user

  • more than 8 out of 10 people identify with the taste profile that it suggests

  • analyzes 4 product categories (at present): wine, beer, coffee, bread.

Our Taste Test is currently based on the Italian market.

We’ll soon study the consumers in your country too!

You can still join more than 1 million consumers who already took the test.

Choose the product and try the test yourself now!