Improve the experience of customers and staff in the Chicago store through new solutions developed for the brand’s specific target (Americans with a passion for food and Made in Italy products).

Get to know customers better in order to satisfy them in the long-term, creating a database of wine lovers.

Develop the in-store business through events and engagement.

What we did:

Launch a physical and digital solution that was made available to consumers through wall totems or tablets, used by the staff. A digital and physical “store advisor” that allows consumers to quickly and engagingly discover and purchase wines that are perfectly compatible with their tastes and/or help the staff in their first approach with consumers in order to direct them towards or tell them about their chosen wine. Furthermore, consumers can download the VINHOOD application in order to continue the experience at home. The entire experience is guided by VINHOOD’s content (technical and emotional content, pairings with recipes, songs, books, etc.), subdivided by the various wines that have been categorized according to their taste character.

The results:

  • increased satisfaction interacting with in-store hostesses and stewards

  • Eataly Wine Days were the days in which the Eataly store in Chicago achieved its highest sales volume

With regard to the KIOSKS and the APP:
  • monthly: 250-300 tests on average -> 10% conversion lead gen without hostess and 20% conversion lead gen with hostess

  • completion percentage between 60% (without staff – wall totems) and 80% (with staff)

  • with respect to the market average and the data shared by Eataly, newsletters were opened 3-5x more frequently

With regard to store engagement:
  • a stand with a selection of wines for a week

  • an increase in the purchases of the chosen wines the following week