Birrificio Angelo Poretti


Effectively communicate its products and create stronger engagement with customers thanks to a new solution whose strengths are technology, research, and gamification.

Increase sales by helping consumers learn more about and purchase the product that’s most compatible with them and their tastes.

What we did:

Launch a new online page dedicated entirely to this new experience: consumers take the Taste ID.Test, find and receive interesting information about their taste identity and palate, and view not only the specific products in the Birrificio Angelo Poretti catalogue that are perfect for their taste, but also additional fun facts and suggestions on how to fully enjoy them. The connection to the brewery’s online store is immediate.

Furthermore, users can choose to register in order to learn even more about beer culture and stay up-to-date on the brewery’s activities.

Learn more about our specific solution: Taste ID.Test

The results:

An immediate success: 5000 individual users in just 48 hours with more than 95% satisfaction in the test results!

Visit the dedicated page on the Poretti website.