Talking about you: WRC audience TASTE IDs

We went to the World Retail Congress and profiled the audience.

Now we know what they like.

We have discovered that they prefer Sparkling Wine, if we had known earlier, we would have welcomed them with a nice glass of Franciacorta Brut.

How many things can you do if you know the tastes of your clients, consumers, and friends?

Knowing what they like allows you to pleasantly surprise them, anticipate their choices, and propose combinations that will be welcomed with enthusiasm.

The World Retail Congress hosted over 700 leading retailers, but only we were able to find out which wine they prefer.

We could have known their tastes in several other products if we wanted, but we stopped at the wine.

How did we do?

Because we are the Taste Agency

We study the world of taste to understand how people choose and consume products to help companies create and nurture the best relationship in a personalized way.

Applying the logic and methodology of sensory analysis and other food sciences in a new and unique way to create a sensory profile of consumers’ taste preferences.

We have perfected the traditional industry tactics, creating a sensory-based approach to consumer profiling.
We help hundreds of F&B Retailers and brands profile consumers cross-channel in seconds.

Now, it’s your turn to discover your customer’s taste.

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