Multinational in 39 countries


Help brand consumers, especially new consumers in the category, find the ideal product for their tastes both in brand stores and on the e-commerce website.

Reduce the number of dissatisfied customers due to taste-related reasons, improving conversion and the overall brand experience, measured through the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Obtain insights into the most appreciated types of products by consumers and sales forecasts to guide the development of new products.

What We Have Done:

We have developed a digital solution that allows users to take the Taste ID Test and receive product recommendations based on their tastes. Users can try the suggested products in stores and provide real-time feedback on their liking.

The solution is designed for both new customers, helping them identify products suitable for their tastes, and regular customers to explore the product portfolio and new launches.

The experience is available in nearly 40 markets through our Vinhood multi-language, multi-country platform, covering over 30 languages. It enables users in each country to complete their taste profile through personalized questions related to the food culture of each country. The solution is also multi-channel, supporting consumers at all touchpoints, including brand-owned stores, e-commerce, third-party stores, customer care, and digital marketing.

Consumer taste data is integrated with the CRM to personalize communication between the brand and consumers. The collected data guides the creation of new products or improvements to existing ones to meet the needs of different countries.


  • Over 1.7 million tests conducted since the beginning of the project.
  • Solutions active in 39 markets.
  • Increase in consumer interaction with the brand: 100% increase in visits to brand pages.
  • NPS increase of 2-5 points.
  • Increase in in-store conversions by 5-10 percentage points and in e-commerce by 1-2 percentage points.
  • Accuracy of recommendations exceeding 80%.