Increase in-store and online purchases, creating an innovative experience for the end-client via all commercial channels.

What we did:

Launch a physical and digital solution that would build a stronger relationship between the client and the wine selection. Position a physical and digital “store advisor” in the online store, in the Iper flagship store near Milan, and in eight other stores. Allows consumers to immediately and engagingly discover their personal taste and purchase the wine that best matches it.

The results:

  • 81%: test completion rate

  • 10%: added to cart
  • Revenue: sales of the suggested wines increased more than those of the rest of the catalogue.

  • Award: Milano Wine Week 2021

Thanks to our collaboration with VINHOOD, we’re able to offer our clients not only a rich selection of wines that includes more than 1,100 labels, but also personalized service that can assist them in purchasing those wines that are best suited to their tastes.

Bettoni, Iper la Grande i Store Manager