Global manufacturer


Boost customer satisfaction by leveraging taste-related elements

Improve the overall brand experience, measured through the Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Increase both online and in-store sales by providing customers with hyper-personalized product recommendations

Use hyper-personalized product recommendations to generate leads

Improve ability to collect information related to consumers’ taste preferences for the purpose of predictive sales and R&D purposes

What We Have Done:

Designed and developed a dedicated digital solution which integrates with clients’ channels, based on our enabling technology.

This digital solution gives users access to our Taste ID Test and offers tailored product recommendations based on their individual tastes.

Users can try the suggested products in stores and provide feedback on their satisfaction in real-time.

Consumer acquisition rates have increased thanks to this digital solution which steers new consumers to stores’ product catalogs even before
browsing and purchasing.

Customer engagement and retention rates have increased as well, as the solution also encourages existing customers to explore the product portfolio more deeply and to discover newly launched products.

The experience is available in various countries through Vinhood’s multi-language, multi-country platform. The platform is also omni-channel, supporting consumers in all touch-points, including brand-owned stores, online stores, third-party stores, customer care, and digital marketing channels.

In the very first interaction, users get to discover their own personal Taste ID, which will guide their entire experience. This is the result of the Taste ID
Test, a series of up to 10 personalized questions regarding the food culture of each country.

Consumer data related to taste is integrated with the CRM, making more information available not only for marketing purposes (e.g. to improve engagement and personalize future communication), but also for R&D purposes (driving product improvement or development in order to meet the demands of different countries).


  • increase in rate of consumer interaction: double the engagement on brand pages
  • 2-5 point increase in NPS in all countries
  • 5-10% increase in in-store conversions
  • 1-2% increase in e-commerce conversions
  • +80% accuracy in product recommendations to consumers