The Power of Sensory Approach in Enhancing F&B Retail Experiences

In the dynamic world of F&B retail, the Sensory Approach emerges as a groundbreaking method. Vinhood's innovative techniques not only meet customer expectations but exceed them, creating unforgettable experiences and long-lasting loyalty.

The Taste Cartography

We delve into over 150 products in each category, analyzing them through extensive panel tastings. This deep dive into scientific literature uncovers the subtle nuances of taste, offering a comprehensive map of flavors.

The Birth of #Characters

Our consumer surveys are instrumental in identifying clusters of products within each category, characterized by similar taste profiles. These insights are vital in tailoring product offerings to diverse customer preferences.

The TASTE WIDGET™ Algorithm

Selecting the right questions, we create a sophisticated algorithm that accurately matches consumers with their preferred taste #characters. This meticulous process ensures a personalized shopping experience.

The Taste Test via TASTE WIDGET™

Venturing into the market, we gather invaluable real-time data through our TASTE WIDGET™. This hands-on approach allows us to tap into the current market pulse.

Data Decoding

Transforming raw data into vibrant market insights, we carve out distinct taste profiles for our testers. These insights are key in shaping future product strategies and enhancing customer satisfaction.


With a success footprint in over 38 countries and 1.5 million tests, Vinhood's Sensory Approach has revolutionized F&B retail. Join us in this journey and let's write a new chapter together: Embark with us