Made in Italy Eataly Chicago: Revolutionizing Retail Experience

Discover a new world of Italian excellence at Eataly Chicago, where the 'Made in Italy' philosophy is not just a label, but a complete experience. From unparalleled customer service to an exquisite selection of Italian wines and delicacies, Eataly Chicago has successfully transformed the retail experience, setting a new standard for others to follow.

Embracing 'Made in Italy' at Eataly Chicago Our journey at Eataly Chicago has been nothing short of remarkable. We set out with a clear mission: to provide our customers and staff with an unparalleled experience, celebrating the rich tradition of Italian craftsmanship. We tailored our approach to meet the unique needs of our clientele – the discerning food and wine connoisseurs who hold 'Made in Italy' products in the highest regard. Learn more about our mission and values.

We introduced an innovative Physical & Digital Solution, our “Taste Advisor,” accessible through wall totems for our customers and tablets for our staff. This has revolutionized the way we connect with our customers, helping them discover wines that perfectly suit their tastes, while providing our staff with the tools they need to offer unparalleled service.

Continuing the Experience at Home Our commitment to an exceptional customer experience extends beyond our store's walls. With the VINHOOD Mobile Experience, customers can bring the spirit of Eataly into their homes, enjoying expertly curated content, personalized pairing suggestions, and much more. Download the VINHOOD Mobile Experience.

Celebrating Our Success Our innovative approach has yielded impressive results:

  • Enhanced Customer & Staff Interaction: Our in-store team, equipped with the right tools and training, has significantly improved customer satisfaction.
  • Record Sales: Our Eataly Wine Days event set a new sales record for our Chicago store.
  • KIOSKS & WIDGET Performance: On average, we conduct 250-300 tests monthly, with a lead generation conversion rate of 10% without hostess assistance and 20% with hostess assistance.
  • Increased Engagement: Our newsletters now have an opening rate 3-5 times higher than the industry standard.
  • Boost in Sales: A noticeable increase in wine sales was observed in the week following our week-long wine display.

Looking to the Future We are dedicated to continuous improvement, constantly seeking ways to better serve our customers and support our retail managers in achieving their goals.