Ancient flavour of malt

You should know that Milan is Intriguing, and Turin is Loyal. We are talking about taste and if you work in the Food & Beverage Industry production or distribution, this article is for you.

The differences in taste across cities present an exciting opportunity.
With this article, we want to bring up an example related to the Beer Italian market, but the same data is available for wine, coffee, and many other products.

As a result of 7K test completed, we have been able to identify the predominant Taste Character in Milan and Turin:

In Milan, full-bodied beers with a well-balanced bitter profile are particularly appreciated (+1% Intriguing).
An example? German Altbier with a bitter but balanced profile complemented by rich malt notes.
On the other hand, beers with an excessively low body and a mild bitterness (-3%) straightforward are not very appreciated...

In Turin, the classic light beers, easy to drink, refreshing, and slightly bitter (+5.9% Loyal) are highly appreciated.
An example? The blonde lager!
However, there is a niche that appreciates beers with a distinctive acidic note, with unique and complex aromas. (+0.7% Rebel)
Beers with a very light body (-1.9% Lighthearted) or with a more pronounced bitterness are not particularly appreciated (-2.4% Straightforward).

Leveraging data and statistics to understand these nuances is essential for crafting the right product and effectively promoting it to the right audience in the right place.

We’ve created a unique sensory approach that combines science and behavioral analysis: we study people’s taste through their perceptions and emotions, to understand what guides them and what satisfies them.

Our data analysis algorithms, marketing solutions, and proprietary technology, successfully used by hundreds of companies, make our services one of a kind.

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